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Traditional Vs YouTube

Hey, Sorry when I didn't post anything on October, I just have final exams (HSC) that it occupied the entire October so I didn't have the time to post anything.

Before I start, I want to say... these opinions are based from someone who wants to do Media and Communications as a university course and based of opinions and post from people on twitter, tumblr and youtube.

But anywho, this is post is something that a few YouTubers (Like Game Theory and Pewdiepie [Pewds has many vids about this that linking will be hard]) tackle and that is 'Media Bias' and how Traditional Media attacks the YouTube community just to gain clicks.

Watch Game Theory's video based on this topic as it explains this better than me:

First of all, WHY THE <BLEEP> ARE THEY ATTACKING?! Do they know that posting something nice will give them the same amount of clicks (probably). Almost every article involving the youtube community always involve something hurtful that we hardly see see anything nice.

- This was from Channel E's website

Currently, the traditional media have been targeting Pewdiepie, The Gaming Community and a few well known YouTubers like Tyler Oakley, taking things step by step but now, they have attack the big guns. Thats right people, Traditional Media is now attacking the Phandom

- New York Post stating that doing challenges with these items are nothing but in total actuality, they are difficult af.

So recently in the Phandom (the group im in) on November 8 (around 6 - 9 am AEST Daylight saving time) via Twitter and Tumblr, there was an article from the Sunday Times (UK) where Dan and Phil were interviewed for their book and tour.

Havent read it? Here is the link: x

This was the heading and description of the given post:

By the time I read this, I thought it was finally time when they appreciate the youtube community by using the power of the Phandom to help merge the two worlds (Which is my goal in the future, to merge both traditional and online). By reading that heading and description, it shows how traditional media are going to say/ask nice things about them and the YouTube culture itself.

But reading the article... we were lied.

Unlike the other hate articles where they legitimately start off with the hate in the heading then continue on throughout the article, the heading and description here... it was clickbate! It was a huge lie to let all the members in the phandom go and read it for 'click' and soon enough, it was filled with hate and lies and a bunch of misunderstandings and shit that it cause a shitstorm via Twitter and Tumblr (mostly amongst the popular tumblr and twitter users).

Lets start off with the fact that they think that we as fans like Dan and Phil just because of their appearance and want to meet them just for bragging rights!

Can we start off by saying that we don't watch Dan and Phil just because of their looks and appearances. Sure, we tend to type 'HAVE MY BABIES' in every photo we seen but it's not like that! We love the two vloggers because they save lives! They actually want to emit positivity throughout their videos!


Not to mention about the story when a cancer patient watches Dan and Phil to keep her strong due to her ordeal! (BTW, Im glad for this article being posted as it doesn't backlash youtubers in general and shows how YouTube isn't all bad at al!)

And there are stories on how Phil's hugs helped a girl stop cutting herself all over tumblr back in 2014!

So see, we don't love them for their looks or their hotness but rather from their influence in our lives.

Next is the fact that the interviewer asked about their sexuality... I'm not joking:

Before I continue, let me state a rule from the Phandom... DO NOT ASK ABOUT THEIR PERSONAL LIVES!!! This rule was placed due to the 'Adrian Incident' which I will not talk about since talking about this issue will also break another rule in the Phandom. These rules are in place so that we don't recreate the dark times (aka: 2012) and that Dan and Phil will remain comfortable creating content for us.

Now, the interviewer, Josh Glancy (or Mr Glancy) literally asked if they were gay and this is an all new low as NOBODY SHOULD HAVE EVER DONE THAT!!! Worse of all was when Dan and Phil push away from answering to that, he still puts it in the article! WTF!? Dude, if the boys say 'NO', you don't <bleep> post the result as it's an insult to their privacy.

Worse part of all of this was he mentions how much they make in their videos:

I don't know about the goals for this post but why the hell did you ask that?! What's the point? If you want to accomodate the phandom, why are you posting a finance question into this. Not to mention, we don't give a damn how much they make as we love them for who they are!

And don't get me started when they brought back the Oreo thing and ad regulations:
I'm sorry, I thought the article was about their book, not how Dan and Phil make a living based on their videos and how they steal the girls hearts by their looks.

This article lured us with a clickbait starter then full on degraded Dan and Phil and the Phandom throughout the article. Sure, there were a few good things but the rest was total bullshit and it was a stab in the heart! I guess the Phandom were used to Pewdiepie and the Gaming Community being the main target or protecting us while we just mind our own business. But now, when Traditional Media attacks the Phandom by targeting Dan and Phil and THE FAN GROUP itself, then shit is going down. I mean this is worse than the 'Adrian Incident', the 'video incident' (can't mention since it's also breaking the rules), and the 'Dandongs incident' combined (For those who doesn't know, these incidents are the biggest incidents in Phandom history as it caused shitstorms and controversy and these incidents are the biggest moments in the phandom when the members adds new rules to their law book). Why attack Dan and Phil when they can play with fire and attack their fans as well, saying we are adoring them like how we adore Justin Beieber or One Direction where in reality, it's quite the opposite.

So why is traditional media doing this? Is it because our generation is known as the 'Technological Generation'? Is it because there is a rise of a digital culture where playing League of Legends or Dota is now a sport? Is it because digital celebrities are earning almost the same amount of money that tv stars earn? Is it because we can no longer recognise who the <bleep> George Clooney or any other celebrity? Is it because teenagers are now becoming famous by doing stupid shit or creating random crap in their bedroom and others needed to work their butts of to make it big?

The answer... YES.

We are now in an era where everything is becoming easier and more convenient in our lives that traditional methods are about to be faded away or deleted. Think about it, Fifty Shades of Grey (still hate that book), was originally a Twilight fan fiction then soon became a book that sold a lot of copies that then turned into a movie! People can become digital celebrities just by talking on front of a camera, 5 Seconds of Summer and Justin Bieber became famous just for doing covers on YouTube and now having a big name in the music industry. MOBA (Muliplayer Online Battle Arenas) are now being counted as a sport that we no longer have to go outside just to get fit. Schools are allowing iPads as an educational tool. See, almost everything in our lives are becoming convenient for us that traditional things are now in the brink of extinction.

Want more proof: Encyclopedias! I never own one and they hardly ever exist due to Google! Who still uses an actual dictionary if we have or (once again) Google to help us define words. Not many people sell CD's anymore and just use iTunes or Spotify or YouTube to promote their music as it's much more convenient (and cheaper btw!). We now rather use email or Facebook just to communicate with our family and friends rather than using the telephone or writing an actual letter. Even newspapers are feeling the burn as they are now going for the online approach just to keep on running.

- This an article about how Fairfax media (An Australian Publishing Media company) is losing money.

See, this the reason why Traditional Media is attacking YouTube. When hardcopies of books, newspapers and educational needs started to go for the online approach, Traditional Media started to worry that digital celebrities will take over Hollywood. It's not our fault that we want role models who don't take drugs or never went to jail. We just someone we can relate to, not to be entertained by (well there is a bit of that but still).

And one last thing... the reason why less people watch tv now is due to this reason: YOU'RE BORING!!!

TV shows always bring back the same plot over and over again that it's lame, it's the same story and we all know how it ends. We don't want endless stories of this dude banging some chick! We don't want to see a perfect world and a perfect life anymore. The problem is, traditional media can only post that shit as it's the recommended standard due to media laws and regulations. Want to know why many people watch Game of Thrones? It's because the plot is different from anything else. There is incest, there is rape, there is dragons and all your fave characters and protagonist dies in every episode. That tv show defied the standards of TV, making it new hence why people watch it and became one of the most pirated tv shows of all time.

So Traditional media, instead of hating on the YouTube community because nobody loves you anymore, maybe fix yourself first before attacking. Make yourself appealing for the viewers as your content is becoming shit and no one wants to see the same old crap as usual.

And to the YouTube community, just keep doing your thing... just don't fall for the Traditional Media's traps as they are still finding ways to bring us down. We are the next generation of media and entertainment and we must be strong as the war isn't over. Just because they attacked one of the biggest YouTubers and communities doesn't mean it's over. They will find a new target and it's up to us to defend those who will soon be stuck between the crossfire.

This is Cutiejea and this is Life out of the Camera!

PS: I made a video about this so check it out if you want: x (It will be out on November 13)

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