Wednesday, 13 January 2016

New Years Resolution

Sup guys, Cutiejea here!

Happy NEW YEAR!!! It's finally 2016... the year where.... I go to university... yay?

But anywho, how is the first few weeks of 2016 treating you? Got any new gear? Any ambitions/goals or are you just starting school (just saying, years kindy to 10 is fine, just rock up and do average but year 11, a shitstorm of stress will be impacted on day one and will not stop till year 12).

But anywho, I want to talk about New Years Resolutions and what they mean to me.

For most people, NYR are tiny goals they want to achieve in under a year like 'Try new things' or 'dump boyfriend' or 'tell parents how you really feel'. For some, it's doing something... somewhat impossible or really extreme that they want to try out for one day like 'Get drunk for first time' or 'skydiving' or 'become a rock band'. And for some, it's tiny improvements in their life like 'Get better grades' or 'Not get a grade of C' (btw, that was my 2015 NYR for year 12... Totally failed that one but I did get Band 4 in Advance English). And just saying, I'm not judging you or anything, I think New Years Resolutions are good, it gives us something to do in between the days of work and school.

And most of the time, they end up being unachieved or piles up into more complex stuff

Example: It will start off 'Get drunk for the first time' and soon end up 'Give up alcohol' a year later

But for me, I treat my New Years Resolution as a Bucket List.

That's right! My goals for the year, I want to treat them like 'How I want to live/improve my life for the long run' so doing stuff like 'Skydiving' or 'Getting Drunk', both may not be good thing to add on my list (however, there is this wine I tasted back in NYE in 2014 that I want to get my hands on again).

So in the spirit of this post and the new year, I would love to share you some of my New Years Resolutions and explain how it will help improve my life for the long run.

1. Improve YouTube channel content

My channel has reached 200+ subscribers and 10k views by Christmas and I want to let those numbers grow. I'm not saying I want to have 100k subs by 2017 but I just want to improve my content so that I can learn how to make better things. I made the ERB Phan Rap Battle video using 2 giant pieces of green cloth I both in Lincraft for $40 (Ebay is cheaper, I know, my folks just have trust issues on online delivery).

This is where my university studies come in as my course is Bachelor of Communications, majoring in 'Media Arts Production' in where I will be learning how to used advanced equipment and the teachers will be giving professional editing tips (no... Phil Lester is not my teacher... but I wish he was!)

2. Learn an Instrument

In 2015, I befriended Sophie (AKA: AmazingDogpie) via Twitter as on the day I followed her, she followed me back so DM was possible between the both of us. From there, after my HSC ended and TATINOF was being held in London (and I heard she was going), we began to talk to each other throughout the entire November.

One of our conversation topics was 'What instrument can you play' and the fact that Sophie can play more than just the Ukulele made me feel overwhelmed as all I can do is sing. Not only that, I also started Phandom Aus/NZ on twitter and 3 of my friends who help run the account plays an instrument and it just made me feel worse!

I want to learn an instrument but there were just 2 problems:

  1. I'm a lefty (like Dan!), meaning not many instruments will accomodate for my needs (and if they do... it will cost more)
  2. Lessons are expensive in Australia (and there is no way in hell my dad will pay for them, not to mention, take me there!)

My first plan was have vocal lessons again but my folks won't go for it. Plan 2 was learn how to play guitar (my brother used to have lessons till he gave up after 1 year) but it's too much work and I think I may need an actual instructor rather than my iPad to teach me (I do know how to play the basic chords thou so that's a start!)

So plan 3: why not something smaller! I'm now having thoughts on buying my ukulele.... What? Sophie said in her Q&A that it's not that hard and she learned how to play in under a year so it's probably not that bad! Plus it cost $36 in stores!

3. Learn how to Drive

Whenever I go to Facebook, I get intimidated when I discovered 5 of my friends have their 'P's' before 2015 ended and it made me feel bad as I need to learn how to drive... Fast... in a legal pace!

I checked my learner's license and it said that I have 3 years till it expires and 3 years is how long my Uni course runs. I need to get my 'P's' before I graduate or else I have to take the test again! I can't go through that again so whenever I can, I have to buckle up and drive!


So those 3 are some of my New Year's Resolutions for the year and hopefully, I can pull them off. I can share you more but they're more personal so I don't think it's a good idea to share them. But as you can see, these resolutions are stuff that may improve my life and can actually be put into use in IRL and online situations.

So what we can all learn from this is that, treat your resolutions as a bucket list and pick things that may actually be useful in the future. You can call me lame but picking stuff like this but I want to think of the benefits it can provide for me.

So my name is Cutiejea and this has been life out of the camera!

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