Wednesday, 1 April 2015

My Name is Cutiejea

Hello Lovely People,

First post... I could talk about April fools but I'm doing a Phandom tradition if we can re-create 2013...

Due to my lack of followers... You can see why it may not be happening....

So I just want to talk about my username... Cutiejea.

What is a Cutiejea? Why that? And why the hell am I blogging about this if I made a video based on this topic? Well... The username process was way longer than than what I mentioned. I was pretty subborn when I was young and I hated the idea of not changing the name cuz lets face it... I was like 7 or 8 years old and I dont want that to stick when I'm like 20 years old. 

So why the hell did i decided to stick with it?

Well... Club Penguin was the first MMO I've ever played and the fact that they can't see my face is both a good and bad thing (although... Due to instagram and youtube, you now know how I exactly look like). The plan was to have 'Pinkjea' as my username but back in OLD SCHOOL Club Penguin, pink is more likely fuchsia and due to my young age... you can see why I didnt go through with it.

To be honest, it was my cousin who suggested Cutiejea. Back then... I was uber cute but due to aging and stress... That was gone but when I was a little kid, me being shy or crying or even my RARE smile can equalise to cuteness.

'Jea' is a family secret and when I mean family secret... There is no way in hell you will know... Unless you marry me or something.

So why did I stick with this username? This happened due to Minecraft. I bought it about a month before the full release and when i went to this multiplayer server, there was this shop and one bed equals 4 coal. But i got it for 3 coal and the players behind me were really mad cuz they had to pay more. 

I just realised that the reason why some small server admins give me special treatment is due to the gender of my avatar. My username isnt like some phony username that a dude would use cuz he wants to troll people, its something an ACTUALL girl would use. My avatar skin back then was Yui from the anime 'Angel Beats' and it was really cute that it matched the username.

So basically... This username is proof that I'm not some boy on the internet. So the username sticks.

It sometimes sucks though cuz in real life, cute is the ONLY adjective my peers gives to me so its kinda sad that my online life sometimes clashes with my real life... Due to one adjective.

And come on... How is this image not cute:

So... Hope that gives this username that perspective!

Cutiejea out!

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