Saturday, 19 September 2015


Hello my fellow readers,

Today is a special kind of blog as it talks about the concept of graduation (basically, if you are reading this, you must already know that I'm a graduate).

For me, I really wanted to graduate, like I really hated my final year of school due to issues that still to this point I'm not allowed to explain. To me, graduating means I'm close to get out of the year 2015 as it was the sh**iest year I ever had in my whole life. I was hoping that once I'm out... I'm out.

But there was something different during my graduation that kinda make me cherish the remain moments of school. First was graduation day where everyone... (And I mean everyone) is all like 'I can't believe we're here!' and my reaction is all like 'I know right!'. Then you see your teachers in a special graduation robe that symbolises their educational status they've achieved and it varies from what University they came from.

Then you have the usual graduation stuff... nothing new.

Unlike the American system, there was no throwing of hats and such since we had no hats. Instead, we all walked (then ran) outside and more yelling of 'We Did It!' (Something you would expect from Dora the explorer)

Then came the formal.

I will not talk about the preparation as that will be for a future video (its a funny story actually) but I will talk about what happened and what you need to be aware off.

First, if you have an ex, you better find the FIRST available guy (or girl or friend) you see! It does not matter if what you get is your best friend or the weird guy at the back of the class or the guy you hardly know... you need to stay away from that ex (especially if how you and your ex met is through as dance partners). Reason being is that it will bring back those painful memories that you have spent months on trying to forget!

Next... you better be prepared to dance for 4 - 6 hours straight! Yeah there are breaks but lets face it, you are one of those people who doesn't want to be left out!

Basically, I just danced like a sim!

No matter how tired you are or dehydrated... YOU NEED TO DANCE!!! Who knows... you may find your inner disco... or robot... or chicken.

Next is the fact that you will have to pray to all the deities in the world that you and anyone else ARENT WEARING THE SAME THING!!! And I don't mean just the dress, I mean the hair, the nails, shoes... the works. To be honest, a friend of mine and I were soo close on having the same hairstyle.

Overall, my graduation week was great! I managed to enjoy the remaining moments of school and now... I have to work my butt off to pass the finals.

My name is Cutiejea and this has been life out of the camera!

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