Sunday, 31 May 2015

Vivid Sydney 2015... Improved a bit

Ok, so if you were my loyal to my old channel and follow me in my new channel, you guys should remember that my firsy vlog is about how much I HATED Vivid Sydney 2014 due to the crowds and a bunch of other variables.

This year however, I have to say... Vivid Sydney improved a bit. I went and it was almost similar to last year's one but less crowded (And I went on Day 1 or 2 so expectation is more crowded stuff),

First of all, Opera house... same but too much florecent lights. It wasnt that interesting since... I don't know, its just the same but less wow

 However, the rest of the night was amazing. If you love photography, Vivid Sydney is your chance for good photos. It's a glow in the dark wonderland but more aww, more interaction and improved crowd control. It was improved soo much that I managed to watch a light show on front of the Circular Quay train station (It's near McDonalds)

But out of all the things that occured, I enjoyed taking photos using my iPhone (Yes... i'm still against the DSLR... But my cousin has a camera that defied my judgement). So here are a few of what I took:

The last one is my masterpiece! It took arround 20 tries to get this right. (No Joke!)

So in conclusion, I enjoyed this year's Vivid Sydney. It has improved a bit and it was great.

So that's the end of May's edition of Life out of the Camera!


P.S: I think the forthnightly schedule is great! Two blogs a months... easy to manage!

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