Friday, 3 April 2015

When Team Internet Takes Over... What are the effects?

One of the reasons why I love YouTube is because of the fact that its filled with creative people who can do amazing things with just a camera (before it turned into a medium where its filled with people who just do it for the cash). But what outstounds me the most is when the people who has been in this game of YouTube for a while does something that breaks the barriers between YouTube and Traditional media. This is why I started to make content, to someday be one of those people.

But this is not about me wanting to do this but more on the people who I look up to or enjoyed watching for months or years and did something that gives me the feels of being proud for #TeamInternet.

The first the announcement of Dan and Phil creating a book and having a worldwide tour (The Amazing Tour/Book is not on fire). Normally, Dan and Phil only tour within the UK, America and Europe (i think) and here in Australia, there aren't many Phan girls (both Dan and Phil), Philions (Phil only) or Danosaurs (Dan only) because of the lost hope.

This tour changes everything.... Hope is restored and hopefully, I wont be the lone wolf.

Next is the fact that YouTubers making music. Yes, YouTubers are being respected as artist. When I was riding the airplane during my overseas adventure to Hong Kong, one of the albums I get to listen to are 2 Pentatonix albums. I've heard of Pentatonix this year but only because it was announced in the TV news that they won a grammy. And after watching a Teens React to Pentatonix by the Fine Brothers, I decided to check them out and I instantly loved their song 'Love Again'. I loved it so much that it inspired me to write a fan fiction one shot (seen in my wattpad). Besides them, last year the #amazingphil, 40% is based on TRXYE by Troye Sivan that it got Platinum in Australia, Number 1 in 50+ countries and was part of the top hits selection in iTunes last month (although I'm a bit jelly since Troye is 19 and I'm near that age and i haven't succeeded in anything)

Next is the vlogbrothers (John Green) having 2 of his books turned into Movies and its freaking amazing because I cried 5 times in The Fault in Our Stars and I'm already hyped up for Paper Towns this year. Oh my goodness... Please make The Abundance of Katherines film!

Lastly is YouTube on TV. I'm not talking about pressing a web browser on your plasma/LCD tv and going onto YouTube but more on YouTubers working on radio, featured on TV and stuff like that. Besides Dan and Phil on BBC Radio 1, I watched Grace Helbig with Jimmy Fallon in ABC 2, watched iHasCupquake on Wipeout via Youtube and actually enjoyed the Annoying Orange TV series 2 years ago on ABC 3 and thats a good thing! The problem with this is when major TV stations STEALS from YouTubers. So far, the only incidents I've heard was Nickelodeon stealing Phil's 7 second challenge and didnt give credit and something about Jimmy Fallon taking Joe Sugg's whisper challenge and 'sort off' give credit (don't look at me, blame Tumblr --- these fan girls give really good and extensive evidence based on the issue). There is a part of me that says 'I don't mind' but it kinda hurts knowing that creators get their ideas stolen and its up to the fans to retaliate and the creator is TOTALY unaware.

But in the end... YouTube merging to Traditional media? I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing because anything can happen in just an upload or a broadcast and I'm kinda afraid that the essence of YouTube being a medium for the creative will become a medium for commercial and business and the next thing you know... the YouTube we once love is gone and transformed into... I don't know... A market place or something and we as the viewer will no longer be viewers or fans but more of a consumer, a mindless robot to buy and such rather than to enjoy the content.

I still love YouTube and the fact that I can still be creative is great! Just hope YouTube doesn't blow it or take away the creative essence of YouTube away...


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