Friday, 1 April 2016


Sup Guys, Cutiejea here!

Hey... today marks the 1 year I started this blog! (Yes... a full year!) And I can't believe it has been that long as I didn't know that I would be still doing this till this very day! Sure, the production ended up becoming '1 post per month' but hey, it's better than nothing right?

So... after 1 year of blogging, how did it change my life?

Well, besides the fact that this blog helped me express myself through words, it was this blog that help me get into the uni that I'm in (I'm really serious here). Reason being is because the Communications Degree is more than just playing with a camera, it's also being able to tell a story or write stuff. TBH, it was really useful in one of my assessment task in one of my uni class. Another reason is because I was in a portfolio day where I have to give my creative works for the same university and the only thing they were mostly interested was my blog. Like screw the photographs, songs, creative writing and all that, all we want is the blog! (Out of all the questions they asked me, the question regarding the use of blogs was the hardest)

So why did I started my blog in the first place last year? Well... to be completely honest, I was sent home after some 'issues' that occurred the day before. It wasn't my fault btw but my school thought it was safer if I was sent home (so yay... catch up homework and leaving your stuff in your locker without even knowing). I just got bored when I was home so I thought, why not blog! I was inspired by George Sheppard's blog on wordpress.

Either way, whether you follow me, read my entries or whatevs, thanks for reading my entries and being part of my story. It really means a lot. This blog is a lifestyle blog with a bit of random stuff but this is the closest thing to originality that people actually enjoy. Kinda odd thou that I started it on April Fools day but who gives a crap!

So I can't wait to write more entries for you and hope to see you soon and thank you for being with me for an entire year!

So my name is Cutiejea and this has been my Life out of the Camera!

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