Saturday, 23 July 2016

The Final Page for Life out of the Camera... for now

Sup guys, Cutiejea here
Today... this shall mark the final page for Life out of the camera, the blog series where I just talk about how I'm feeling in life and stuff. Why? I think it's time to tackle a new theme for my blogging and I think that my YouTube vlogs can continue on the legacy of my talking about my life.
So, what's the new project? You may ask.
Since I'm 18 and met Sheppard, FAS, Mychonny, Evan Edinger and is about to meet Dan and Phil in August, not to mention got noticed by D&P and Slyfoxhound in twitter + tumblr and a bunch of other stuff involving my fave internet stars and musicians, I want to create a new blog series journaling all my fandom experiences, from Club Penguin in 2007 to Phandom + TV Shows of today, I will recap everything that I can remember and create a monthly blog series called 'Confessions of a Fan Girl' which is basically me confessing everything fandom related.
Like what? You ask.
So far, I will write about:
  • How I became a fan girl
  • What's my general description of a fan girl
  • The Unwritten Laws of the phandom
  • How to let your senpai notice you
And many others.
And what's going to be interesting about this series is that I will try to write it in an academic paper level. That's right, I  will write (or at least try to) these blog post as if I'm writing something for my university. It's going to be somewhat professional with journal articles that I can get a grab on in my uni's online library + e-resources. So due to this, these post will be long, like 1000+ words long.
So what will happen to life out of the camera?
It will stop for now but it's memory will CARRY ON!!! (Sorry... got MCR stuck in my head). So for now, this is goodbye for my 1 year old baby and time to try writing professionally (or at least a bit professionally).
My name is Cutiejea and this has been the final post for now about my Life out of the Camera.

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