Sunday, 21 June 2015

When I met Sheppeard

Sorry for a long wait but due to huge things going on, I couldnt post. So due to this, this is the only thing I can provide for this month.

Today, I will be talking about Sheppard (the band)

I first heard Sheppard due to a music homework where I had to listen to Geronimo and analyse the song and a few months later, I was forced to go to a Keith Urban concert and little did I know that they were the opening act. So from there, I bought a shirt, I went in line for their autograph and so on and got a photo with George!

Same night, I made a vlog about it in my old channel and Amy Sheppard (lead female singer) commented on it

Sheppard is like the first celebrity that helped built my channel. They are the ones who inspired and encouraged me to do song covers... Hence Stupid Song Covers.

Yeah... And Sheppard was the band that made me and Maddison-ward-Music meet. It all started with a tweet and a youtube comment (just like how Dan and Phil met) and from there, we became online friends.

In conclusion, without Sheppard, the channel that I created wouldnt exist and me and Maddy wouldnt be friends. And just saying, I have been in 3 of their gigs, one was the Keith Urban tour, the Bombs away tour in July and last was the Vevo Lift Tour (yes.... I won that contest!)

So thats my sheppard exprience... (Btw, 3 of them plus the official page follows me on twitter) so best band ever and cant wait for their next album!!!!

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  1. I'm so happy I found Sheppard when I did. When they released Geronimo I actually had a suicide plan ready. Geronimo stopped me from that. I never expected that I would make friends through the band who saved my life with their music. The power of music is incredible. <3